The Beautificator

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They look so pretty in this rare sunshine…

These are the first of a number of enamelled tunnels I have made. They are simple, bright and beautiful. There are lots of different colours available, in most sizes, in pairs or single. I hope you like them. £6 each or £10 pair.


UNIQUE bronze tone, oval pendant necklace - clock parts, red enamel - £24.95

Several new plugs added to my shop today. Each one is unique.

This is one of several plugs and necklaces that I have created and added to my shop today. Each piece is unique. I hope you like them

Second coat of resin dry, this unique, one-off necklace is now available in my shop…

Bronze tone, heart, pendant necklace - real butterfly wing, clock parts, pearl enamel - £24.95


Various unique, handmade nose studs, made using clock parts, crystals and resin. all are £8 each.