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18mm / 0.71” steel, screw type plug - metallic blue - £8

A new 12mm plug now available. This one can be worn either way around for two different looks. Only one available. £8

New nose studs added. Remember, there is only ONE of EACH available! £6.99 each:

This beautiful 18mm pair of Steampunk plugs are now available to purchase in my shop. They are completely UNIQUE, so only one set

Here’s a little sneak preview of a completely new project I am working on. I know he is by no means perfect, but I am quite proud of this miniature kitten…


4 new microdermal tops added. Each one is unique - £8 each

BUTTON PORN!  These are my handmade enamel bow buttons. I hope you like them as much as I do…

£8 for 2 button:

Today’s work in progress - plugs, buttons, microdermal tops and some fake plugs…


Your tunnel size and your choice of colour - just £4.99 each or £8.25 per pair! Get yours here: